How do you prepare your MinuteCub for the Muster?

The well outfitted MinuteCub is in their Class A scout uniform, has a Tricorn hat, vest, ready kit bag, and of course their MinuteCub's Musket.

Tricorn Hat

Tricorn Hats can be purchased at many retailers listed below...however, the MinuteCub Muster team found a source at a reasonable price.  Please indicate how many your Pack requires when you signup for the event.

MinuteCub Musket

This is a finely crafted piece of equipment is capable of launching a lump of puffed corn syrup up to 40 feet! For detailed designs consult this plan

Make sure that your MinuteCub is sufficiently loaded with Ammo. Ammo must be carefully crafted according to these specifications:


To keep your Musket in top condition proper amounts of powder must be used. This powder (corn starch) should be applied correctly with the powderhorn.


Vests can be made from felt or other inexpensive cloth. Use newspaper or similar to make a quick template to cut out the fabric.

Ready Kit Bag

A sample pattern can be found here. Some sample pictures of what a finished ready bag might look like are below