Why are we doing this?

The Town of Westford lies 10 miles to the north of the Town of Concord. The Colonel John Robinson trail connects these two towns. The trail begins at the Westford common followsBoston Road to Minot Corners, and then follows Carlisle Road to Carlisle and onto Concord.

Every year on Patriots Day there is the annual re-enaction of the Battle of the Old North Bridge. AKA “The shot heard around the world”. The Westford Militia honors this event by retracing the steps of Colonel John Robinson both in time and place.

All Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend and bring leaders, family and Pack flags.

Who can participate?

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, siblings, friends, relatives, and parents….basically anyone. All children must have a parent or responsible adult marching with them.

When is this march happening?

The MinuteCubs will gather at the Westford Common at 4.30am on Saturday, April 21, 2014. They will depart at 4.30 am. We plan on being in Concord by 8:30am for the start of the re-enactment at the Old North Bridge.

Can I join the march after it has started?

Anyone who misses the 4.30 am start can join up at any of the three Rest Areas. For safety reasons we ask that late comers not try to join the march between the designated rest areas.

The three Rest Areas are:

  • Jack Walsh Field (estimated arrival time 5:50am)
  • Applegrove Lane (estimated arrival time 7:05am)
  • 1200 Lowell Road (estimated arrival time 7:50am)

Do I have to walk the whole route?

It would be unrealistic to expect the youngest participants to march the entire 10 miles to Concord. The MinuteCubs Coordinating Group has arranged for a bus to accompany the marchers. It will stop approximately every half mile at which point marchers may get on and off the bus allowing a rest for anyone who needs one.

What does it cost?

There is a registration fee of $5/person (adults and children). This fee will allow marchers to utilize the bus, partake in some modest refreshments at the rest areas, and receive the March to Concord patch. The registration fee will also cover the use of the bus to return to Westford after the re-enactment.

What should marchers bring with them?

All marchers should dress appropriately for the weather and length of march including layered clothing and comfortable walking shoes. In addition marchers should bring:

  • Water
  • Snacks/Food (remember that breakfast will be “on the road”)
  • Flashlight
  • For Boy Scouts working on their 5/10 mile hikes a compass and map is needed
  • Binoculars to observe the re-enactment. We will have a good vantage point but it will be spread out widely.

For Scouts that have MinuteCub outfits they are welcome to bring them along. This would include Tri-corn hats, vests, and muskets. Marchers will be able to leave items on the bus if needed.

What is being done to ensure the safety of the marchers?

The march will be conducted with the help of designated marshals and guides. The Grand Marshal will be responsible for the overall parade. Guides will be wearing orange safety vests and will responsible for working with police to block intersections for safe crossing. Additional Marshals will also be wearing safety vests and will surround the marchers to ensure that everyone remains together.

A bus marshal will be designated to oversee the people on the bus.

The only vehicle (other than available police escorts) that will be allowed to move with the marchers will be the bus. All other private vehicles will have to wait at the next designated rest stop.

Parents: All parents have a role in keeping the children safe

Communications between the marshals, bus, and rest areas will be maintained with cell phones and walkie-talkies