The Westford MinuteCubs and Scouts will be marching to Concord on April 21st, 2014. Muster at 4:30AM on the steps of Westford Town Hall.

What is the detailed route and schedule?

This is the approximate time schedule and map it contains details about bus stops and rest areas. Please remember that we can only allow new marchers to join at the Rest Areas. If progress is slower than expected we will utilize the bus for the final leg of the journey in order to arrive in Concord prior to the start of the re-enactment.

How It Works

The Westford MinuteCubs will be hiring a bus to accompany the marchers to Concord. A $5 payment per person on the day of the march will get you a  Westford to Concord March Patch and the ability to utilize the bus for the trip to and back from Concord.

On the way to Concord the bus service will stop every mile or so allowing marchers to get on and off the bus - allowing younger participants to make the trip without having to walk the entire 10 miles. Once the reenactment at the Old North Bridge is complete the bus will return to Westford Town Hall.