Come join us as we retrace the steps of Col. John Robinson and the Westford militia as they traveled to Concord and into history.

The Colonel John Robinson Trail (Excerpted from Westford Colonial Minuteman website by Dan Lacroix)

The Col. John Robinson Historic Trail marks the route of Westford's minute and militia companies during their march to Concord on the morning of April 19th, 1775. Once informed of the alarm, Lt. Col. Robinson set off for Concord by horseback from his home on present day Robinson Rd. He and several others from Westford arrived in time to participate in the provincial response to the expedition of the British regulars. The remainder of the militia marched to the North Bridge, arriving shortly after the battle. Some portion of them continued onward throughout the day, harassing the regulars along the Battle Road until they reached Cambridge.

Today, members of the Westford Colonial Minutemen welcome all who are interested retracing the steps of Westford’s first Revolutionary War soldiers. The trail is traditionally walked by members of our community prior to the Concord Parade, which is typically on Patriot's Day.