Reenactors -- these groups are being contacted, as well as others

Be on the lookout at the Muster for bands of roving RedCoats and Regulars.

So that you are prepared please checkout the links listed below to each organizations web site.

We are grateful and deeply endebted for their support.

 Regiment Affiliation
 Billerica Minutemen American
 Acton Minutemen American
 William Diamond Fife and Drum American
 Westford Colonial Minutemen  American
 Watertown Provincial Guard / 7th Massachusetts  American
 Wilmington Minutemen American
 Col. Bailey’s 2nd Massachusetts Regiment American
 Col Henry Knox Artillery American
 1st New Hampshire Regiment American
 85eme Regiment de Saintonge French
 His Majesty’s Tenth Regiment of Foot British
 His Majesty’s Fifth Regiment of Foot  British
 His Majesty’s Fourth Regiment of Foot Light Infantry British
 King’s Rangers British
 Mohawk Warriors British
 Sudbury Minutemen American

These regiments are members of the Continental Line and British Brigade and are participating in the battle reenactments.

All other groups are assisting in the Muster area.