June 12th, 2016 at the Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA. 

Schedule of Events

Saturday  6/11/2016

Setup ongoing with some re-enactor and craftsmen camping overnight on the field. 

There will be camping opportunities at Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury for Cub Scout Packs wanting to spend the night.  The cost is $40 per Pack.  Please notify the team during signup if you want this option.

Sunday  6/14/2016

Re-enactors and Tradesmen arrive, sign in, setup and remove transportation to remote parking location.

Cub Scouts and families will start arriving at 8 AM. Please follow instructions for parking, as there is REMOTE parking areas...  Carpooling encouraged.

Cub Scouts muster on the Parade field according to regiment colors, assigned prior to the event.  There will be time to decorate tricorn hats, hand out T-shirts and patches.  Bring something to carry the bounty.  Keep in mind that the Regiments will follow the regiment flag throughout the day.

Make sure you bring a lunch.  Water and snacks will be available -- but bring your water and snacks.

The Regiments will kick off the day at 9:15 AM with the Opening Ceremony featuring the Black Robe Brigade.

There are 10 major activities or rotations: (3) Colonial villages, tomahawks, marching, Dragoons, Cannons , Food Tasting, Games and the Patriots. There are (4) morning rotations, bagged lunch, followed by (4) afternoon rotations.

After the completion of the MinuteCub rotations, during the mid-afternoon, a full-scale battle will take place between the British Regulars and the Continental Line. This should be quite loud, smelly and exciting. This event is open to all Scouts and families. All Scouts and guests must stay behind the safety rope.

Following the Battle, the MinuteCub Regiments will form ranks for a rather large MARSHMALLOW FOOD FIGHT, as coordinated by the Continental Line Drill Instructors.

There are camping opportunities at the Knox Trail Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury, MA.  Please indicate camping request at the signup.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Senior Boy Scouts are needed to help with cooking, parking, tomahawk safety, ink wells and Regiment Coordination.  Recieve service hours and a special T-Shirt...

There is a wedding at the Chapel at 5:30PM --- we need to be done so as not to scare the Bride...